• July 11th, 2019
  • 1 min

Motion Metrics Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

Motion Metrics International Corp. was incorporated in 2004. Since then, we’ve grown from a team of six based out of a basement in Vancouver to a team of close to 100 with offices on four continents and clients on six. We’ve embraced new technology, launched new products, and experienced tremendous growth. To mark the occasion, Motion Metrics’ Vancouver Staff set off for the UBC Farm for a very special lunch.

The afternoon began with a speech from Dr. Shahram Tafazoli, our CEO. He recounted the story of how Motion Metrics came to be, highlighting the milestones we’ve achieved along the way and the goals we hope to reach in the years to come.

Our team spent the next two hours enjoying the sunshine and taking in the beauty of the farm. We played badminton, frisbee, and volleyball, walked through the field, and sat in the grass trading stories from the company’s past.

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