Introducing the Motion Metrics
Ecosystem for Mines

The Motion Metrics Ecosystem for Mines integrates several key data solutions at every stage of the mining process.
Our systems work together to create a detailed view of mining productivity and efficiency, while increasing safety and decreasing operational downtime associated with crusher jams and equipment maintenance.

Solutions For Each Stage Of The Process

The Mining Challenges We Tackle

Mining productivity has decreased by 28% over the last decade.1

Resource extraction is 3X faster than 50 years ago.2

70% of digital transformation initiatives do not reach their goal.3

197 countries have signed the Paris Climate Agreement.4

To meet these challenges, mining companies need:

Agnostic technologies that interface with existing mine systems

Customized solutions that consider every unique operating condition

Easy and simple to use systems for operations teams

Introducing our fully managed solution

Detailed, on demand reports and every stage of the comminution process brings critical mine-to-mill data to life.

Benefits and operational impact

G.E.T. Detection1 1.5%

+ Safety Improvement   + Efficiency Improvement

G.E.T. Monitoring2

+ Safety Improvement   + Efficiency Improvement

Particle Size Distribution3 6.0%

+ Safety Improvement   + Efficiency Improvement

Boulder Detection4 1.0%

+ Safety Improvement   + Efficiency Improvement

Payload & Volume Monitoring5 6.0%

+ Efficiency Improvement

Load Alignment Monitoring6

+ Safety Improvement   + Efficiency Improvement

Carry-Back Sensing7 1.2%

+ Efficiency Improvement

Up to


total estimated savings per year*

1 According to several studies at various copper mines in the US, Chile, and Kazakhstan, missing G.E.T. components can cause more than five days of crusher downtime per year.

2 According to an earlier study, the average direct and indirect costs of an unplanned shovel tooth change-out can be up to $40K per set.

3 Mines can improve production by up to six percent by adjusting the crusher gap. Results study that included plant validation by authors Gauti Asbjörnsson, Erik Hulthén, Magnus Evertsson, “Modelling and simulation of dynamic crushing plant behavior with MATLAB/Simulink” (2012).

4 According to case studies of both a Peruvian and Kazakh copper mine, brief crusher delays caused by oversized material can add up to multiple days of lost production per year.

5 According to a case study at a Kazakh copper mine, on average, a shovel fills 90% of a truck’s available capacity. Load volume monitoring can decrease the remaining 10% of lost carrying capacity over time.

6 Load misalignments can cause significant damage to truck structure and suspension while causing loose material to fall from the truck bed.

7 According to a study in Kazakhstan, production loss and extra fuel costs due to carryback can represent two percent or more of a mine’s production costs per year.

* Productivity impact and cost saving estimates based on a medium-sized gold mine in Latin America.

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Productivity is king at mines, making equipment downtime one of the costliest problems our customers face. Motion Metrics provides a range of solutions that pay for themselve by reducing crusher, shovel, and loader downtime caused by G.E.T. components.

Motion Metrics is reinventing mining technology with industry-leading 3D imaging cameras and software to bring the most advanced monitoring services for mines on the marketing.


Jammed crusher incidents always present a serious safety issue for any mine due to the tremendous amount of stored kinetic energy. Motion Metrics mitigates the main culprits of crusher obstructions by providing industry-leading G.E.T. monitoring for teeth and lip shrouds.

Researchers found that incidents involving crushers are the second most common cause of fatalities caused by stationary machinery at U.S. mines.

Downtime Reduction

ShovelMetrics and LoaderMetrics to alert mine personnel to missing bucket teeth incidents allows haul trucks carrying potentially dangerous broken teeth to be routed away from the crusher, effectively mitigating downtime due to crusher jams.

Monitoring tooth wear and identifying missing G.E.T. components also allows for reduced unscheduled maintenence.

A mine’s crushers can process several kilotons of material per hour. If plant operations must be halted, the cost to the mine is significant and detrimental to productivity.


Right now, only 2.5% of the mining sector’s electricity comes from renewables. Switching to renewables will take time, but mines can start fighting climate change today while saving up to $30M per year with Motion Metrics non-interruptive mine-to-mill energy efficiency service.

To limit global warming to 2°C, all sectors need to reduce GHG emissions from 2010 levels by at least 50 percent for 2050.

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