• November 12th, 2020
  • 2 min

Introducing BeltMetrics™ Volume Monitoring

Need greater insight into production? Our newest BeltMetrics feature has you covered. Using artificial intelligence and 3D stereoscopic imaging, BeltMetrics Volume Monitoring measures material transported by conveyor belts 24/7 to help mines optimize production.

The new BeltMetrics Volume Monitoring feature gives mines unparalleled insight into the amount of material transported by conveyor belts to the processing plant.

Volume Monitoring is the third major feature available with BeltMetrics; the system also offers Particle Size Analysis and Empty Belt Detection. With our complete belt monitoring package, mines can optimize production by continually monitoring the volume of transported material, optimize crusher feed size with continual particle size analysis, and detect empty belts to alert personnel to blocked chutes or other upstream productivity issues.

Mounted above the belt with LED lighting, the rugged camera-based system continually captures images of the visible material on the belt and uses deep learning algorithms to deliver accurate results; the system also includes an automatic lens cleaning system that uses compressed air to minimize maintenance. Data collected with BeltMetrics is automatically transmitted to our centralized data analysis platform, MetricsManager™ Pro. Users with authorized credentials can create customized notifications and access data summaries, in-depth reports, and particle size data from anywhere.

BeltMetrics uses a rugged stereoscopic camera designed and developed in-house to provide volume monitoring.

Because all updates and feature developments are automatically deployed to our cloud-based data analysis platform MetricsManager Pro, existing BeltMetrics users will have immediate access to the new Volume Monitoring feature. To arrange for personalized training, please contact the Customer Success team. To learn more about this exciting new technology, please contact our Sales team.

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