Mitigate production loss caused by tooth breakage.

LoaderMetrics™ is a missing tooth detection system for loaders that alerts operators to missing teeth before they travel downstream and obstruct crushers.

Over the course of a year, LoaderMetrics detected 12 missing loader teeth at a Chilean copper mine and helped the site avoid about 50 hours of downtime.

Missing Tooth Detection
Prevent dangerous and costly crusher obstructions by monitoring loader teeth.

Successful Missing Tooth Detections

Blind Spot Reduction
Prevent equipment collisions with real-time surveillance views.

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Improve site safety and avoid production loss.

Mitigate the risk of crusher obstructions caused by missing teeth.

LoaderMetrics uses artificial intelligence and thermal imaging to provide accurate missing tooth detection for all loader types. Our proprietary lens cleaning system ensures accurate performance under the harshest environmental conditions, and we build our hardware in Canada to meet or exceed military standards for temperature, shock, vibration, and dust.

Case Study

How LoaderMetrics helped a Chilean copper mine prevent a $1.25M production loss

Like many hard rock mines, this Chilean copper producer experienced significant production loss from tooth breakage each year. Between 2012 and 2015, the mine attributed 153 hours of crusher downtime to obstruction – an average of 51 hours per year. To mitigate the impact from missing loader teeth, the site installed LoaderMetrics on two loaders. Since installation, the mine has experienced zero crusher downtime due to missing loader teeth and avoided an estimated production loss of approximately $1.25M because of the missing tooth detection system.

The mine’s crushers process an average of five kilotons per hour. If there is additional stock to provide operational support, an obstructed crusher may not immediately impact operational continuity. But if plant operations must be halted, the cost to the mine is approximately USD $25K per hour. Thus, the roughly 50 hours of yearly lost production due to crusher obstruction cost the mine $1.25M. Over the course of a year, the system detected 12 missing loader teeth and the mine experienced zero crusher downtime – preventing the $1.25M production loss that the mine otherwise experiences in an average year.

MetricsManager™ Pro

Turn your data into decisions.

Like all Motion Metrics products, LoaderMetrics interfaces with our centralized data analysis platform, MetricsManager Pro. Users with authorized credentials can access data summaries, in-depth performance reports, equipment activity logs, and particle size data from anywhere. Motion Metrics recognizes the importance of interoperability and will work with other vendors to ensure our solutions interface with your existing software.

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LoaderMetrics Product Brochure

An overview of LoaderMetrics™, a missing tooth detection solution for all loader types.
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Equipment Monitoring Through Machine Learning Article

An article that explains how LoaderMetrics™ uses deep learning and a thermal camera to provide accurate missing tooth detection in harsh environments. Published in CIM Magazine in August 2017.
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A Case Study Involving Loader Teeth, Thermal Vision, Big Data, and Deep Learning Article

An article that explains how much mines can save by using LoaderMetrics™ to prevent missing teeth from obstructing crushers. Presented at World Mining Congress 2016.
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The Importance of a Shovel Tooth

How a Canadian gold mine used ShovelMetrics™ to prevent hours of crusher downtime and a production loss of USD $430K.
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