Introducing the Motion Metrics
Ecosystem for Mines

The Motion Metrics Ecosystem for Mines integrates several key data solutions at every stage of the mining process.
Our systems work together to create a detailed view of mining productivity and efficiency, while increasing safety and decreasing operational downtime associated with crusher jams and equipment maintenance.

Solutions For Each Stage Of The Process

Processing Stage

BeltMetrics can provide critical particle size analysis at several stages of the processing operation. Users with authorized credentials can access data summaries, in-depth performance reports, equipment activity logs, and particle size data from anywhere.

Particle Size Distribution

* Mines can improve production by up to six percent by adjusting the crusher gap. Results study that included plant validation by authors Gauti Asbjörnsson, Erik Hulthén, Magnus Evertsson, “Modelling and simulation of dynamic crushing plant behavior with MATLAB/Simulink” (2012).

G.E.T. Detection

* According to several studies at various copper mines in the US, Chile, and Kazakhstan, missing G.E.T. components can cause more than five days of crusher downtime per year.

G.E.T. Monitoring*

* According to case studies of both a Peruvian and Kazakh copper mine, brief crusher delays caused by oversized material can add up to multiple days of lost production per year.