We're experts in artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Since 2004, we’ve developed leading-edge safety and efficiency technologies for the world’s largest mining companies.

We specialize in developing advanced monitoring solutions designed to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity in mining.


We build rugged solutions to withstand the harshest environments.

We build all our hardware and software in-house at our Canadian headquarters to make sure that every system we send into the field is of top quality.

Our computer vision solutions use proprietary deep learning algorithms and are engineered to military standards to survive extreme heat, vibration, and altitude.


Our neural networks are trained on vast data sets.

We have operations on four continents and clients on six. In the world of artificial intelligence, that means that we can train our prediction models on a broad range of data to ensure that our smart solutions can handle any operating environment imaginable – from the Arctic Circle to the Atacama Desert.


Access actionable data anywhere in the world.

Our secure servers and centralized data analysis platform provide mine management with unparalleled insight into their operations.

We prioritize the customer experience, deploying regular software updates and hands-on, regionally based support to help you get the most out of our solutions.